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About MSBM

Established in the modern era, The Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM UK) follows a motivated and avant-garde approach to its teaching & training in order to play a dynamic role in Education, both for now and for the future.


The Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM) is a private for-profit business school with campuses in Nigeria, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and administrative office in London, United Kingdom. It provides International Students access to outstanding Business and Management Faculties from around the world.


MSBM offers a range of UK Undergraduate &Master’s degree programmes in Business Administration, Computing/Information Technology Management; Executive education and corporate training through our partnerships with British Universities. All of these courses are offered using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in blended learning, to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed to his or her potential.


Metropolitan School of Business and Management has been known for challenging, engaging and developing great minds all over the world. A world-class Business School characterized by a tradition of innovation and practical knowledge research. The University has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people’s lives.


MSBM empowers its teaching Faculties to teach in the best possible way by harnessing modern technology. Delivering best practice and real-time learning throughout its Curricula.


MSBM’s programmes are currently validated and accredited by NCC Education UK and Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE), UK.

For more information about MSBM, visit www.msbm.org.uk